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Telescopic Conveyors

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Single girder gantry cranes are used for many applications in the everyday life of the industry. They are more compact, more economical, and need less space than double girder gantry cranes.

It is an alternative to customers in terms of overhead cranes.

It is generally preferred in short spans. However, there is no limitation in terms of sizes, capacity, and manufacturability.

But, they are preferred in places where the axle distance is less than 15m. They can be manufactured from sheet metal box construction or I beam or cage construction.

Single girder gantry cranes can be produced with or without cantilever. It has the ability to be used either in closed and open areas like inside factories and outdoors. it is used in many areas like iron and steel workshops, marble quarries, and warehouses.


The advantages of a telescopic conveyor;

  • Reduce unloading time by 50%
  • A healthy work environment with improved ergonomic working conditions
  • Investment payback less than 2 years
  • Work environment improvement


Our conveyors produced from steel with high tensile strength are designed in accordance with long working conditions.


Jam areas are minimal and closed. Chains and other moving parts groups are inside the casing or conveyor.


The continuity of their works is taken as a basis by providing easy and fast spare parts.


Hydraulic Upgrade – 1

Conveyor provides ergonomic working with a hydraulic piston system. Conveyor

It provides the opportunity to increase the working angle up to 10 degrees. Angle movement

It can be done with the help of the button on the front of the conveyor.

Raised band transfer – 2

Installing a raised belt transfer on the conveyor raises the belt and cargo

makes it easier to switch their products to another conveyor belt. This optional option

makes the transition of cargoes between conveyors soft.

Operator platform- 3

It is a platform located on the end of the telescopic conveyor during the loading and unloading and on which the operator will stand. With the control buttons on the front of the conveyor, the telescopic conveyor can easily perform controls such as forward-backward, up-down, etc. while inside the platform and create an ergonomic working environment for itself.

High chassis according to the loading situation- 4

When the loading floor and the telescopic conveyor are on the same ground, the level difference arises between the truck and the conveyor. With the high chassis, the height difference disappears and the loading-unloading becomes suitable for the desired ergonomic work.

Additional headlamp – 5

As telescopic conveyors enter the truck, there is already a lamp in the telescopic end to illuminate the dark environment. If desired, an additional overhead LED lamp is attached which moves depending on the telescopic conveyor end.

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