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No Exhaust Emissions: It is compulsory to use electric forklifts especially in closed areas. In addition, the vehicles producing exhaust gases in the food sector are banned according to European standards as they pose a threat to health. »Fuel Saving: It is more economical because of the lower cost of electricity. You can examine the example in the table below. (He pays for himself a maximum of 36 months against diesel.)

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Sanica Forklifts

Worldwide Automations fulfills the country’s clean airspace and green spaces with SANICA forklift, you can load the extra features you want to our forklifts

Advanced Security

Human-Focused Motion and Asset Detection Sensor (SAS advanced Security Suite)

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Awesome Services

Sanica - Puma

Puma Electric Forklift

Hire From per Weekly Starting £60.00(+VAT)

Sanica - Panter

Panter Electric Forklift

Hire From per Weekly Starting £80.00(+VAT)

Sanica - Tiger

Tiger Electric Forklift

Hire From per Weekly Starting £145.00(+VAT)

Sanica - Leon

Leon Electric Forklift

Hire From per Weekly Starting £90.00(+VAT)

You can rent a Sanica New Generation Froklift with Worldwide Automations!

Rental according to your conditions Whether you want a rental truck for 1 month to 5 years, Worldwide Automations offers a solution for you, We are at your side for special projects with short and long term rental options that suit your specific needs.

Guaranteed Forklift Rental!

Reliable Solutions That Increase Performance You can count on the truck to deliver the same level of performance, whether it's renting or buying. All forklifts include heavy-duty designs for demanding applications. We actively manage the turnover of our rental fleet and monitor the performance of each vehicle throughout its life. Rental forklifts are kept to the industry's highest standards and undergo extensive pre-rental inspections to ensure consistent performance and reliable operations. Rental fork price is determined according to the rental time. A pricing is made taking into account the working time. If the forklift cannot reach the loading area by its own means, the crane is used and the crane is priced separately. By making an agreement with our company, you can stack stacks at more affordable prices. The companies with whom we constantly purchase jobs are offered a price reduction.

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Determined according to the rental time

- Nationwide delivery
- Delivery available the next day according to workload
- Prices from £ 60.00 + VAT per week
- Wide and ergonomic product range
- No surprises cost
- Renewal for your works that changed during the contract
- Easy finance option
- Rental option with operator

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