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Sorter Conveyors

  • / Day
  • £2,500.00 / Week
  • £10,000.00 / Month
Hire with operator
£250.00 / Hour

As Worldwide Automations, we are delighted to be with the businesses operating in the production sector, our job is to make your job easier.

As a company with many years of experience in conveyor systems, we provide the production of conveyors suitable for your request.

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Sorter systems are designed as intelligent separation systems that provide ease of order entry and exit (distribution) to the data system, integrated with automation software.

Warehouses and end-of-line systems require sorting solutions to log in and distribute products more quickly.

The demands of stores and internet sales (e-commerce) are increasing day by day, and we, as Pioneer Conveyor, offer systems to our customers with our experience.

Various other automatic separation systems such as Pop-up, Roller separators, and Crossbelt are available as differentiation. These systems are designed for low and high volume order sizes to increase shipping accuracy. It also offers increased productivity, savings on labor, cost reduction, and great customer satisfaction.

Sectors Used:


Cargo, logistics warehouses