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New Generation Cranes

Crane systems play a very important role in meeting the needs of companies, especially in heavy industry operations, significantly reducing human power and speeding production. As Worldwide Automation, we are pleased to be your solution partner with our employees and technical staff in the field of crane systems.

Special Cranes

We are delighted to indicate that we have been serving all companies that have been producing iron steel factories, ports, and heavy industry among our partners, from special requests in crane systems to generally accepted products on the market.

Free Estimation

What we need is the crane system of your company, it is sufficient for you to reach us, we perform expertise in free place and reach the most suitable price for you, and after this stage, we realize the production and commission delivery of the institution, and we also offer uninterrupted technical support of all the services we offer.

Special Designed Cranes

As Worldwide Automations with Arnikon engineering, we are becoming a solution partner of our customers for their special projects with our huge experience and knowledge accumulation.
Besides the special crane systems that we are in service of our customers from projection to production and delivery of handling, stacking, lifting systems, or any other machine systems.

There are Rotary Limit Switches and limit switches that are used in lowering, lifting and traveling limits.

Because of the Used Frequency Inverters, Seamless load transfer and minimum load swing are obtained. The lifetime of the brakes is designed to be longer, because of the inverters use making smooth movements and the abrasions have been reduced to the minimum level.
Uninterrupted Customer Service and technical service, we claim that you will not be faced with the company that produces fast solutions from us.


Special Design Cranes Features

Smart Cranes
Battery powered or electric powered transfer trolley
Elevator hoists
Subway construction cranes
Container Cranes
Rotary Crane systems
Pool cranes
Rotary traversed Crane systems
Boat – yacht hoists
Ex-Proof crane systems
Special duty process cranes as per demand

Electrical Overhead Travel Crane

Worldwide Automations takes steps to make your job easier with Arnikon Crane systems.
They are particularly suitable for lifting and transporting heavy tonnage safely.
The Double Girder Traveling Overhead Cranes are manufactured and designed in the most durable and lightweight possible way, using designs based on the criteria of DIN norms and FEM standards and advanced production technologies.
For crane steel constructions, the deflection is calculated at least 1/1000.
The maximum lifting height can easily provide owing to be the lifting group over the beams.
The maintenance platform which provides maintenance and installation easiness on the crane bridge is available as standard in our bridges.

Gantry Cranes

With double girder gantry cranes, the cost, the easiness of maintenance and reparation, no capacity limitation, no
size limitation, the designing and production of desired features are possible because each branch of the company is being used in an efficient manner. Much more lifting height can be achieved than single girder gantry cranes.

They can be used inside the factories, although they are usually used in open areas. Their usage in closed factories is also an alternative to overhead cranes.

Double girder gantry cranes can be produced as with and without cantilever.

Electrical Hoist & End Carriages

Worldwide Automations takes steps to make your job easier with Arnikon Crane systems.
The Standard production started from 1 Ton to 40 Ton and it is produced in different working classes and alternative speeds.

The VDH Series machines, which can be designed according to all working conditions, and show the desired performance even under the most difficult conditions.
VDH Series Machines Designed to be able to use the maximum area as a measure.

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